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Deaf Refugee Conference

June 20-23, 2019

Rochester, New York




The Reach Out! Deaf Refugee Conference has been organized in response to the unique needs faced by Deaf Refugees and vulnerable Deaf immigrants.   We invite individuals who have worked with this population to attend and submit presentations which will foster understanding of strategies and programs that promote inclusion as well as ways to collaborate with various agencies.

Presentations/workshops should address one or more of the following objectives of the conference which are 


  • To develop an accurate understanding of the realities and needs of Deaf refugees, as well as vulnerable Deaf migrants, nationally and globally,


  • To network, foster collaboration, and share best practices regarding strategies, programs, and projects that endorse integration and functionality of Deaf refugees and vulnerable Deaf migrants for becoming productive members of Deaf and Hearing communities,


  • To identify areas and encourage research that lead to improving Deaf refugees and vulnerable Deaf migrants in acquiring language, life skills, employment and self-sufficiency,


  • To increase knowledge of the real outcomes of policies practices which negatively affect Deaf refugees and vulnerable Deaf migrants nationally and globally, and


  • To support the inclusion of Deaf refugees and vulnerable Deaf migrants in decision making processes.


Proposals may fit a presentation/lecture or workshop format.  Workshops differ from lectures in that they tend to be more highly interactive and may include demonstrations of strategies, sharing of materials and/or hands on activities.  While presentation/lectures will be 40 minutes, workshops can occur in 40 or 70 minute time slots (with all formats having 10 minutes for questions and answers).  Please consider sharing your expertise by submitting a proposal!






For more information contact:

Karen Christie/Cathie Armstrong,

Program Co-Chairs


PO Box 10335

Rochester NY 14610

Important Date

Deadline for receiving outline/ppt of accepted proposals: June 15, 2019 

Select Presentation proposal form:

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Online Form

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