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Keynote Speakers

Dr Cynthia Plue, Ed.D.

Founder and president of Sign-ology, LLC.,Texas 


Dr. Plue is founder and president of her own blog sharing her expertise in the areas of Deaf Education, American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf Studies. She also serves as an independent consultant. Her research addresses cultural, educational, personal, and written and signed languages aspects of Deaf people's life through empirical and qualitative studies. Dr. Plue presented/trained the community members in relations to Deaf Studies and Deaf Education as part of sociolinguistic and sociocultural opportunities as well as other scholarly activities at local, statewide, nationwide, and international conferences. 


She has been a faculty member in the fields of Deaf Education and Deaf Studies at Lamar University, Northern Illinois University, and Utah Valley University. Dr. Plue served as an office president of National Asian Deaf Congress. 



  • BA in Psychology and Communication Arts, 

  • M.Ed. in Deaf Education with a Bilingual-Bicultural emphasis (ASL and English

  • Ed.D. in Deaf Studies/Deaf Education with an emphasis in Multicultural Deaf Issues


Area of Interest

Interacting with people from diverse cultures, Deaf Education, American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf Studies


Personal Life

Dr. Plue is an Asian Deaf American, born in Ohio of Hawaiian born Chinese father and American Indian/European mother and was adopted and raised in Ohio by a biracial Chinese/American couple. She is proud to be a mother of two children, Casiana and Lexander, and is married to Lewis Lummer.

Dr Lewis Lummer, Ed.D.

Senior Lecturer of Deaf Education and ASL

Baylor University, Waco, Texas


Dr. Lummer is a certified Deaf Educator and is an integral member of the team that oversees the Deaf Education undergraduate program, where he teaches courses in Deaf Education and American Sign Language (ASL). Dr. Lummer also mentors the Deaf Education majors during their student practicum and meets weekly with the students during their internship.


Dr. Lummer joined the Baylor faculty in 2010. Prior to coming to Baylor, he spent seven years as a classroom teacher in Deaf education at multiple K-12 settings as well as eleven years on the faculty at the university level. Dr. Lummer’s wealth of knowledge and experience as an educator in both K-12 and university settings makes him a rare and valuable resource for students, and he is happy to share his knowledge and experience to help develop the next generation of leaders in ASL and Deaf Education.



  • M.S.Ed. (Deaf Education and Deaf Studies), Lamar University

  • Post-Secondary Education Training Certificate (Post-Employment Training-Deaf), San Diego State University

  • Ed.D. (Reading Specialization, Curriculum, and Instruction), Northern Illinois University


Areas of Interest

History of Deaf Education, Deaf immigrants, Signed Languages, ASL literacy, and history of the Deaf Community.


Personal Life

Dr. Lummer is proud to be a native of Chicago where he was raised by Deaf parents; his mother immigrated to America from Germany during World War II. Dr. Lummer and his beautiful wife of 19 years, Dr. Cynthia J. Plue, have two adorable children. Outside of the office, he enjoys biking, hiking, snow skiing, and going on adventures with his family.