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Then and Now:  Deaf Refugees in Israel

[presentation is tentatively scheduled for Friday, June 21 at 10 am]


Presenter:  Haggith Gor Ziv


Description of the Presentation:

     Twelve years ago two Deaf children arrived with their families to Israel as refugees, one from Eritrea and the other from South Sudan. Both had limited signs that had developed within the family but no real language. I came to know them through my activity in advocacy for the refugee-disabled children.

      Their life narrative in Israel will be the focus of my lecture. I will highlight the complexity of their lives, success, and failures. I will analyze the intersectionality of deafness/race/poverty/migration/family function and dysfunction and juxtapose to narratives of Deaf Jewish refugees who arrive in Israel after WWII.

     Deaf refugees in both historical times faced multiple forms of oppression that do not accumulate in arithmetic connections to a final sum of oppression. The marginalization they suffered from cannot be reduced to its components. Differences and similarities might shed light on context, time and power relationship that shaped their lives.

Presenter’s Bio:

Dr. Haggith Gor Ziv is a senior lecturer Seminar Hakibbutzim Teachers' College and Tel Aviv University.  Where she teaches courses of critical feminist pedagogy, disability studies, and inclusion. She is an author of peace education, human rights, and gender equality curricula. Dr, Gor Ziv has facilitated Jewish and Arab dialogue groups. She published the books: "Militarism and Education". 2005 and "Critical feminist pedagogy and education for a culture of peace", 2013. She produced the documentary films: Invisible to the World, on caring for mentally ill family members, and Sign Discourse, Deaf people telling about their world.