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Welcome to the Kitchen: Deaf Refugees learning ASL, Networking, and Sharing Their Culture Over a Meal In Schools

[presentation is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 22 at 1 pm]

Presenter:  Stephanie Cramer


Description of the Presentation:

In a rural state with no centralized agency for Deaf services, it has been difficult for Deaf refugees to figure out what services are available and how to access them. At the same time, many of the Deaf Bhutanese refugees report that they are not allowed to cook in their family shared homes due to safety concerns. Thus the cooking program was established and is in its fourth year. Through community networking and collaboration we hold space, weekly, in a local kitchen for Deaf refugees to learn to cook and share their realities and needs with one another while networking to find out what services are available in the community. Interpreters and community members can drop in to join the discussions, cooking, and eating of a meal. This space also serves as a way to develop a shared sign language where refugee

Presenter’s Bios:

Stephanie Cramer is a Nationally Certified ASL-English Interpreter who lives in Vermont as a trainer, consultant, educator, and interpreter. Over the last 4 years, she has worked closely with the large Deaf Bhutanese population in Vermont to provide access to medical care, continued education, and more. She assists medical centers, mental health agency, and vocational programs in developing best practices when providing services to Deaf refugees. She has presented about Deaf refugees for USCRI, IMIA, regional Deaf interpreters, and certified hearing Interpreters. Stephanie also collaborated in the development of a module for CALI (Center for Atypical Language Interpreting).