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Why do Deaf Refugees need Certified Deaf Interpreters? 

[presentation is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 22 at 3 pm]


Presenter:  Marsha Wetzel


Description of the Presentation:  

This presentation will look at the need for Certified Deaf interpreters when working with Deaf refugees.  Issues that Deaf refugees face upon arrival in the United States including language barriers and the lack of full communication access will be reviewed.  Also addressed with be challenges Deaf refugees face in terms of language comprehension and acquisition of ASL and English.  Discussed will be some common cultural, educational and linguistic backgrounds shared by Deaf refugees and Deaf interpreters.  The presenter will explain the roles of Deaf interpreters, the education and training needed to become a Deaf interpreter as well as typical settings in which Deaf interpreters work with Deaf refugees.

Presenter’s Bio:

Marsha Wetzel was born Deaf to Deaf parents and has a Deaf sister with developmental delays and special needs.  She is a native of Connecticut and attended Mystic Oral School and the American School for the Deaf.  Marsha attended Gallaudet University and earned two masters—one from Springfield College  (Athletic Administration)  and the other from McDaniel College (Deaf Education).  Marsha has been a certified Deaf interpreter since 2011 and a legal/court interpreter since 2016.