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Wrap Up Session:  Some Lingering Questions

[session is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 22 at 4 pm]


Moderator:  Robert Tawney


Description of the session:

In this session, we plan to address a number of issues and concerns that have arisen during the course of the conference as well as the use of appropriate signed terminologies.

Moderator’s Bio:

Robert Tawney is one of the founders and is co-director of Deaf Refugee Advocacy. He was born into a hearing family and diagnosed as profoundly deaf as a child growing up in New England. Deafness runs in his family for generations. Aunts, grandparents, deaf relatives here and there are a constant in his family history. Unlike most deaf - who are born into hearing families- his family was not surprised he was born deaf-along with one of his sisters.  Rob graduated from Gallaudet University. He has have given his heart and soul through participation in many non-profit organizations within the Deaf community. He often travels to different countries and is married to Marta.