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Goals, Engagement, PAH

[presentation is tentatively scheduled for Friday, June 21 at 4 pm]


Presenters: Rev. Beth Lockard and Bill Lockard 


Description of the Presentation:

In keeping with our name and philosophy that DeafCAN!, this presentation will focus on serving Deaf refugees/immigrants to set and then accomplish their own goals and objectives, whether to learn ASL or English, acquire benefits or assistive tech, drivers license, work, improve family relationships, or become citizens.  

Presenters’ Bios:

Rev. Beth Lockard, M.Ed., is a Deaf Lutheran pastor of Christ the King Deaf Church (West Chester, PA) and Executive Director of their human service program DeafCAN! (Deaf Community Action Network).  She has taught in both school and community settings for 37 years.

Bill Lockard, Program Director of DeafCAN!, has worked in the Deaf community for 40 years.  DeafCAN!’s program includes work with refugees/immigrants, SSPs for DeafBlind individuals, prison visitation and support, case management, ASL/ESL instruction, and interpreting.