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The purpose of this conference is for hearing/deaf professionals to share, learn, converse, and network about the unique needs of Deaf refugees in order to better support them worldwide. We hope to accomplish this through the following objectives:

To develop an accurate understanding of the realities and needs of Deaf refugees, as well as vulnerable Deaf migrants nationally and globally


To network, foster collaboration, and share best practices regarding strategies, programs, and projects that endorse integration and functionality of Deaf refugees and vulnerable Deaf migrants for becoming productive members of the Deaf and Hearing communities 


To identify areas and encourage research that leads to improving Deaf refuges and vulnerable Deaf migrants in acquiring language, life skills, employment, and self-sufficiency 


To increase knowledge of the real outcomes of policies practices which negatively affect Deaf refugees and vulnerable Deaf migrants nationally and globally 


To support the inclusion of Deaf refugees and vulnerable Deaf migrants in decision-making processes