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Keynote Presenters

Deaf refugees as Outsiders “NO MORE”: We are on the Same Voyage of Dream, Hope, and Faith

Description of Presentation:  

Finding a Safe Haven is important to Deaf refugees.  Dr. Lummer’s firsthand encounters with Deaf adults (who were undocumented or foreign-born immigrants and refugees) first occurred in his home as his mother assisted them with a caring and humble leadership. Despite their integration and acceptance after becoming US citizens, they have been an overlooked minority within the American Deaf Community.  Drawing on his firsthand experiences and studies of organizations and service providers, he believes we need to reexamine the current approach and re-assess our humanistic values: are we humans enough to help vulnerable Deaf refugees through our efforts?  What and how do we bring hope and humanity to this endeavor? 

Reaching Out, Doing No Harm through ASL and English in Healthcare, Education, and Employment

Description of Presentation:  

Reaching out is the continued cultural and linguistic efforts being made to support deaf refugees through a bilingual ASL/English model.  Dr. Plue’s training, background, and experiences have been in working with deaf immigrant children, youth, adults, and their families through transitional/transformative periods. She will draw on the larger picture to discuss why these struggling deaf/Deaf community members are not getting full access to information concerning their healthcare, education, citizenship, and employment opportunities. The effectiveness of the current ASL/English model with Deaf immigrant adults will be discussed in terms of the current state of healthcare, educational, and employment.